FitogramPro defines products as any type of purchase contract you offer your customers. Any item you sell on-site (such as food, drinks, etc.) is also considered a product.

Product Overview
The product page can be accessed via the dashboard by clicking on the appropriate icon in the menu on the left.

After selecting the area, you can distinguish between three categories:

All purchase contracts currently available for purchase.

Here you have the option to filter the different products by type and by their visibility in the online calendar. You can also change the order in which they are presented online by simply dragging and dropping them in the appropriate position.

All products that are no longer used and are therefore no longer available to purchase.

Archived products can easily be restored by clicking on the field with the black arrow and selecting "Restore" from the dropdown menu.

POS Products
In this section, you can see all the items you sell on-site and their quantity in stock.

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