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The Calendar section, which you can access via the left-hand menu on the first dashboard, gives you a clear overview of your events (courses, private lessons, workshops, etc.)

Two Display Options 

In the upper left-hand corner, you can choose how you would like your calendar to be displayed. Simply click on the corresponding button.

a) Calendar: All events will be shown on one calendar.

b) List: Events are simply listed one after the other.


Both options allow you to filter events according to the following criteria:

Event Title
You can select a specific event to display. The calendar is set to "Show all" by default, i.e. all events are displayed or listed;

  • Public: The events visible to your customers in the online calendar are displayed;

  • Private: Events which are not available in the online calendar, but are visible to software administrators, will be displayed;

  • Archived: If you want to view past events which are no longer offered.

Filter by Calendar View 

By selecting the calendar view, you also have the option to filter events according to the following criteria:

  • Date: Select the day on which the events should be displayed.

  • Time Period: Select whether only the events of the current date (1 day), the events of the next three days (3 days) or of the entire week should be displayed. 

  • Group: To display all events related to a particular location, trainer or resource.

You can easily return to the default version by clicking "Delete filter".

You can view events from a later or earlier period by clicking the arrows next to the date in the upper right-hand corner. To return to today’s date, simply click on "Today" in the upper right-hand corner.

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