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Closing days
How do I enter Closing Days?
How do I enter Closing Days?

Public holidays or just holidays coming up? It’s easy to enter those dates in FitogramPro

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Enter a new closing period

  1. From the navigation menu on the left go to Settings

  2. Select Closing days

  3. Click on + add a new time

A new section opens up. Enter the basic information:

  • Name: just give a title for your closing period (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Summer...)

  • Time period: select starting and end date from the calendar

Moreover you can select the following options:

  • Display in course plan: if you check this box, the closing period will be marked within your internal course plan (under Events).

  • Cancel events and bookings on those dated: if you check this box, all existing events and bookings will be cancelled.

    Note: Events that are created afterwards will not be affected by this function. If you want to cancel events within a closing period, you can check the box again by clicking on "Details/Edit".

4. Don't forget to click Save to confirm the changes.

Edit closing days

If you need to update the information about your closing days just click on the wishing period. The section with the information will open up again.

Do not forget to save to confirm!

Delete closing days

If you would like to remove your closing days, just click on the symbol x on the right.

A new window will open up asking you to confirm the cancellation.


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