Don’t offer any events during the holidays or public holidays or just run particular ones? Then you have the option to record these dates directly in FitogramPro.

Under Settings > Closing days you can find the overview of your closing days. To add a new period, click on "Add a new closing period".

In this window you can fill out the basic data. Additionally you have to option to check two boxes:

Display in course plan:
If you check this box, the closing period will be marked within your internal course plan (under Events).

Cancel events and bookings on those dated:
If you check this box, all existing events and bookings will be cancelled.

: Events that are created afterwards will not be affected by this function. If you want to cancel events within a closing period, you can check the box again by clicking on "Details/Edit".

Don't forget to click "Confirm" when you are done.

Changing a closing day :
If you want to update the information of the closing days you have previously configured you have to click on "Details/Edit". 

A window will appear where you can first modify the "Basic Settings" with the name that corresponds to the closing day(s), the start date and the end date. You can also modify the "Notification Management" by checking/unchecking if you want to display it on the calendar and if you want to cancel events and reservations on these dates.

Once you have made the changes, click on confirm to save the changes. 

Delete a closing day :
Click on the "Delete" tab to the right of the closing day in question and click on "Confirm".


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