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How do I set up and manage my stock?
How do I set up and manage my stock?

Do you always want to have an overview of how many products you really have in stock and can therefore offer for sale?

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You have probably already created some of your POS products and would like to create a stock for them.

  1. Click on POS in the menu bar.

  2. Choose the tab Stock management here.

  3. Click on the three small dots on the far right, next to the respective product.

  4. Select "Activate stock".

  5. Click again on the three small dots.

  6. Select "Adjust stock".

  7. A new pop-up window opens.
    Enter how many products you want to add to the stock.

  8. Click on "Confirm".

Now you can see directly how many products you still have in stock.

As soon as you sell a product through POS, the stock inventory automatically adjusts.

Of course you can also manually adjust your stock at any time.

You can also deactivate the stock by clicking on "Disable stock".

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