To sell a product to walk-in customers, you can use the one-time customer. This should already be set up with you and connected to the POS. If the POS is used, a one-time customer must also be available.

If you do not find the one-time customer in your customer list, proceed as follows: 

Step 1: Create a one-time customer

The new users of FitogramPro already have a customer named "Einmalkunde Einmalkunde". If you do not own this customer, you can create it by clicking on the big plus sign in the upper right corner. Select the option here "New customer".

For the one-time customer only the name and surname must be indicated. It is best to choose a name that identifies him directly as a one-time customer, such as "Einmalkunde Einmalkunde". However, fictitious names can also be used.

Finally, click on the green "Confirm" button to save the data.

Step 2: Link a one-time customer to the POS

The one-time customer must be linked to the POS next. Go to Settings > Accounting and payments > POS.

Select the one-time customer in the "Select a customer" field and then click on the green "Confirm" button in the top right.

Step 3: Sale

Once the one-time customer has been created and linked to the POS, POS products can also be sold to walk-in customers.

If an unknown customer wants to buy a product, go to POS in the menu and select the desired product via the button "Add". Of course, you can also select several products.

The field "Select a customer" in the upper right corner, in which you enter the customer’s name, can be ignored for walk-in customers. For POS products, the one-time customer is now entered automatically.

With a click on the green button "Payment" the payment method can be selected. Finally, the sale is concluded with a click on "Payment".

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