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How do I add POS Products?
How do I add POS Products?

Add POS products

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Do you also offer your customers the opportunity to purchase physical products and want to be able to sell them simply via the checkout?

POS is the abbreviation for Point of Sale. POS products are therefore all products that cannot be bought online, but only on site at the checkout.

In FitogramPro, POS products are all products that have nothing to do with the courses or course booking. These include clothing or accessories such as yoga mats and drinks.

Add POS product

  1. Click on the menu item POS.

  2. Click on the button New Product in the top right corner

  3. Enter the product data in the pop up **

  4. Click on Confirm.

** Under the POS-category you can assign a category to the product.

If there is no category yet, you can add it by clicking on the "+".

After entering the new category name, click on Create to save this category.

You can of course create as many different categories as you like.

You can then filter the individual products by category in the POS overview later on, making it easier to find them again.

You can find out how to sell the items to your existing customers here. Of course, you can also sell the items to your walk-in customers. We explain how this works here.

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