Do you also offer your customers the opportunity to purchase physical products and want to be able to sell them simply via the checkout?

POS is the abbreviation for Point of Sale. POS products are, therefore, all products that cannot be purchased online, but only over the counter.

In FitogramPro, POS products are all products which are sold but have nothing to do with the courses or the course booking. These include, for example, clothing or accessories such as yoga mats.

Like normal products, POS products can be found under "Products" in the menu. However, these are not listed under "Actives", but have their own "POS items" tab.


Step 1: Add POS product

To add POS products, click on the green "New product" button in the top right. A window will appear in which you must enter the data for the product.

The name can be selected freely. “POS” is selected as “Product type”. The product must now be assigned a category under the field "POS category". Price and tax rate can also be defined here. By clicking on "Confirm" these details are applied and the product is created.

If no category exists yet, it can be added via "Create a new category". After entering the category name, click on the green "Create" button to save this category.

You can, of course, create as many different categories as you want. You can then easily find the individual items later in the POS overview by clicking on the categories.

You can find out how to sell the items to your existing customers here. Of course, you can also sell the items to your walk-in customers. We explain how this works here.

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