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How do I filter and manage Invoices
How do I filter and manage Invoices
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Would you like to have an overview of all your invoices and download them all at once? Then you'll be perfectly prepared for your accountant!

You will find all the invoices that you have already created under Accounting > Invoices and you can also create all those that do not yet exist in one go.

Filter options

Search bar

You can search for certain keywords in the search bar to filter the invoices:

  1. Name and/or surname ---> Chris Crossfit (green box)

  2. Invoice number ---> RE18072 (red box)

Payment status

By clicking on one of the fields above, you can filter according to the payment status of the invoices.

Date range

Please note that the date display always shows the last 30 days by default.

Create invoices

You can also create all invoices that have not yet been created in one go in the overview.

When you click the "Create now" button, you have the possibility to limit the period of the invoices to be created.

Download invoices

By clicking on "Download invoices" you can download the invoices per month in one go. Very handy for the accountant!

Then a window will open in which you can select the month for which you want to download the invoices. The file will be automatically downloaded in a zip folder.

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