Would you like to create a report on the revenue per visit to see exactly how much money you're making per visit? 

You can now easily do this under reports with the revenue per visit report. To do this, click on the Reports tab in the main menu on the left and select the Revenue per visit report.

Select event group

Click on the blue "Event group" field, which will open a pop-up window.
Here you will find all active event groups. Click on the boxes to include them in the report. You can use the search bar to search for a specific event group. Click on the green "Apply" button to save your selection. Generating the report may take a moment, depending on how many event groups you have selected.

Select time period

It is possible to select a date range between two dates. The pre-selected date range is the last 30 days.


The filters are always activated by default.

Exclude absentees: Check this box to exclude customers who are booked for an event but have been marked as absent.

Exclude due payments: Check this box to exclude customers who have been booked in for an event with a payment still due.

Export the report as an Excel document

To export the report as an Excel file, click the green “Download” button.

Understanding the results

The report contains the following result both in the live preview and in the Excel file:

Date, time, name and trainer leading the event → Monday, March 12, 2018 |19:00 Yoga for athletes | Elena

Customer → First and last name of the customer taking part in the event.

Product → The product with which the customer booked the event.

Expiration date → The expiration date of the product used to book the event. For credit passes, the remaining credits are displayed.

Trainer → The trainer who led the event.

Absent → A "Yes" or "No" indicates whether the customer was absent.

Origin → Shows how the customer was booked into the event (e.g. fitoAPP, Online, PRO).

Payment method → Displays the payment method used for the product with which the appointment was booked. If the product is due for payment, the previously selected payment method is displayed.

Revenue per visit → Revenue from the booked events

Total → At the bottom is a small summary of the most important information. Including the total number of absences, online bookings (everything except PRO bookings) and the total income.

Revenue per visit

The revenue per visit is calculated as follows:

Credit pass → The amount of the credit pass is divided by the number of credits. If a 10-credit pass costs €150, the turnover per visit is always €15 - regardless of how many visits have been cancelled.

Contract: The value of the previous contract period (including start and pause fees) divided by the number of current bookings.

Course / Workshop: The value of the course divided by the number of events

Single event: The value of the product

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