Would you like to have an overview of all payments and filter them according to certain criteria?

Filter options

You will find an overview of all incoming payments under Accounting > Payments.

In the list of payments you have certain filter options, according to which you can filter in the search field.

  1. Name and/or surname ---> Paul Personal (green box)

  2. Payment number ---> ZA18076 (red box)

  3. Product/order ---> 10-session card (yellow box)

Date range:

Please note that the default date display is always the last 30 days.

Important: Note that the list of sales and the list of payments are not identical. A sale may have taken place much earlier than a payment.

Payment methods:

Filter by different payment methods

Cancel payments:

In the list of payments, you can also cancel individual payments. Find out how to do this here.

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