Filter options

Under Accounting > Payments you will find an overview of all incoming payments.

In the list of payments, you have certain filter options, according to which you can filter in the search field.

  1. Name and/or surname ---> Paul Personal (green box)
  2. Payment number ---> ZA18076 (red box)
  3. Product/order ---> 10 card (yellow box)

Date range:

Please note that the default date display is always the last 30 days.

Important: The displayed results only refer to these 30 days. If a participant is not shown to you, this is because the payment was made before the 30 days. In order to see all payments, you can simply remove the data in the display completely.

Also note that the list of sales and the list of payments are not identical. A sale may have taken place much earlier than a payment.

Payment method filters:

Filter by different payment methods

Cancel payments:

In the list of payments, you can also cancel individual payments. 

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