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How do I filter and manage sales?
How do I filter and manage sales?
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Would you like to have an overview of your sold products and filter them according to certain criteria?

You can find a complete overview of your sales under Accounting > Sales.

The following video gives you an overview of our sales page:

Filter options

In the upper area you will find the various filter options.

Search bar:

You can search for the following criteria using the search bar:

  1. Name and/or surname ---> Max Mustermann (green box)

  2. Invoice number ---> RE18072 (blue box)

  3. Order number ---> A20180715 (red box)

  4. Order ---> T-shirt (yellow box)

Date range:

Please note that the date display always shows the last 30 days by default.

Payment status:

Filter by payment status

Paid: Filters all paid sales (green).

Due: Filters all payments that are due immediately (red with the respective due date).

Open: Filters all payments that are due in the future (grey) (only relevant for contracts).


Payment methods:

Filter by different payment methods

Find out how to mark a payment as paid here.


You have the possibility to export your sales as an Excel or PDF file.
If the download does not start automatically, please make sure that you allow "pop-ups" for this page (important!).


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