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Where can I download monthly invoices?
Where can I download monthly invoices?
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Want to download your invoices in one go at the end of each month? We'll show you how this works in FitogramPro.

In FitogramPro you can create individual invoices for the products you have sold, download them and send them by email with just one click. If you need all your invoices at the end of the month to keep your accountant happy, it makes sense to download them in one file.

You can do this in FitogramPro under Accounting > Invoices.

Click on the “Download invoices” button in the top right corner.

A new pop-up will open in which you can specify the month for which the collective invoices should be downloaded.

Then click on the green “Export” button to download all that month’s invoices in one go.

You will then be informed that the download is now in progress and you can even track the status based on the percentage. Meanwhile, you can leave the page at any time and continue working.

The invoices will then be automatically downloaded in a ZIP file. If the automatic download does not work, you may have disabled pop-ups in your browser settings.
If this should happen, however, you can easily download the invoices manually by clicking on the “Download invoices” button again. 

A message will appear informing you that the invoices have been exported successfully. By clicking on “download here”, the download will be done manually once again.

By clicking on “Start a new export”, you can also download another month’s invoices as the next step.

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