In FitogramPro, you can choose which of the different payment methods are available for either you to use yourself or for your customers to use for online bookings. 

All payment methods can be found under Settings > Accounting > Payment methods.

Activate payment methods

To activate a payment method, simply click on it. A pop-up window will appear in which you confirm the activation in the dropdown menu and enter extra details if necessary.
As soon as a payment method has been selected and is active, it will be displayed in color.

Manual payment methods

In the first row, you will find the manual payment methods.
Manual payment methods are payment methods which you can use in FitogramPro.

You can currently activate the following methods:

Pay later:
Pay later enables the payment to be made at a later date. This payment method can be used if your customer's payment method is not yet clear.  The amount for the product will then appear as "due".
Pay later should also be activated if the customers book online but pay in person at the studio (cash or EC).

Bank transfer:
You can select this if the customer is going to transfer the money to you. The amount will also be marked as "due" here. You can find out how to mark the amount as "paid" here.

This payment method implies a direct payment on site. The amount is immediately marked as "paid".

You can select this payment method if the customer pays by EC card. The payment is also immediately marked as "paid".

With this payment method, the payment is initially marked as "due". This is mainly used in France.

Automated payment methods

In the second row are the automated payment methods. These customer payments are automated since they are processed directly online.
Here you have credit card and SEPA direct debit to choose from.

Credit Card:
Credit card payments can as well be selected by the customer online. If the customer selects this payment method, the payment will also be marked as "paid".

SEPA Direct Debit Journal:
This payment method can also be selected online by the customer from now on. It will also be marked as "paid" directly.

Default payment methods for Shop & Widget

You have now selected the payment methods which are available to you.
In the third row, you can select the payment methods which should be available to customers by default during online booking.

If some payment methods don't apply to certain products, then you can set individual payment methods for the product.

Here you can activate up to four payment methods at the same time. We have set this so as not to put the customer off and to increase the likelihood of booking.

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