Step 1: Log into your account.


Step 2: In the top right corner you can generate an overview of your events or orders.


Simply click on the desired field. In this case, the customer has a valid 10-credit pass.

Step 3: To book an event, simply go back and select a new event from the calendar. The existing product will now be displayed with “Register with”.


Every customer also has the option to buy a new, additional product in this step. Simply click on “Book” for the products available below.

Step 4: If you now go to the “Events” tab in the top right corner, you can view your bookings.


Step 5: In some cases, a cancellation option will also be displayed if it is offered by the provider. After you have confirmed that you want to cancel the course, a credit will be refunded to you if the provider has enabled this option.


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