The following path describes how you can integrate the widget and/or the shop into Facebook. For this it is necessary that a corresponding Facebook page has been created first. This step is assumed as a prerequisite here.

I. Install an app in Facebook.

First you have to install the "Woobox" Facebook App. This allows you to add a HTML code within a new Facebook tab.

a. Search for "Woobox" on Facebook

b. Click on "Woobox Custom Tab"

c. Now click on "Install Page Tab

d. Select your Facebook page & click on "Add Page Tab".

II. Configure course plan tab

a. Click on the button "Configure Page Tab".

b. Scroll down and insert the widget code here. Make sure that "Source code" is activated.

!!! How to find the Widget Code !!!

You can find the widget at FitogramPro on the left in the main menu under "Settings" < "Shop & Widgets" < "Share your Work". Select and copy the first code.

c. Add the code to Woobox.

d. Save the whole thing by clicking on "Save Settings".

e. After saving, click on "Tab Settings" in the menu on the left.


f. Here you can change the name under which the Facebook tab is visible. For example, "Course plan". Then click on save.


g. On the Facebook page, the tab may have to be repositioned accordingly, since it can be found under "more" by default. Simply click on "more" and in the window click on "Manage tab".

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