Can your customer make several bookings at once? This article explains how to create a credit pass with automatic booking.   


The credit pass with automatic booking is a credit pass (e.g. 10-session credit pass) with which the customer can automatically book the following sessions of a pre-booked course unit – depending on the number of remaining credits. 

Example: A customer books in for a class on Tuesday mornings at 9.00 am and uses a 10-session pass with automatic booking. Since the pass had all 10 credits remaining, the customer is automatically booked in for the 9 remaining Tuesday sessions.

Create a credit pass with automatic booking

To be able to use this function, a credit pass must be created.
Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Products in the menu
  2. Click on the "New Product" button on the right
  3. Enter a name (e.g. 10-session pass or auto booking)
  4. Select the type "Credit pass"
  5. Enter the number of credits, price, validity, etc
  6. Under Options, click on "Show"
  7. Select "Yes" under "Should all credits be booked on the basis of the first session"
  8. Click on "Apply"

ATTENTION: If a credit pass with automatic booking has been purchased, the automatic booking for the customer's card can no longer be removed.

Example: The customer has cancelled 5 of the automatically booked sessions and wants to participate in a class on Wednesday. Since the credit pass has 5 credits remaining on it again, the customer is automatically booked into 5 Wednesday sessions.

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