Do you want to link your subscribers to various links to your course schedule or website on Instagram? Do you have more than one link for your biography? Here I'll show you how you can easily put several links together so that your subscribers get quick and direct access to them.

To share multiple links with your subscribers, you can simply and without complication create a for your Instagram profile. is a tool for your Instagram account that allows you to share different links with your subscribers and customers. With just one click, your followers can get to your website or be referred to your course planner.

And here’s how it works:

Open the website

Here you can login to your Instagram account via the button "SIGN UP WITH INSTAGRAM". All you need for this is your username and password.

Once you are logged in, you will come to your home page, where you can easily insert and label your links. 

By clicking on the button "+ ADD NEW BUTTON / LINK" you have the possibility to insert new links. Here you can either insert a link directly to your course plan or to your website. You can, of course, link to any page that is important for you.

A new box will appear here in which you can insert the URL and name the link. You can give your link the title that you think best describes your link.

Once you have inserted everything, you can put your link online. To do this, you just need to turn the switch to the right of your link title to green button with just one click. And then link is activated.


Now you have the possibility to add as many links as you want to your You can take them offline again or delete them completely at any time.

The display on the right shows what your looks like for your subscribers when they click on it via the link on your Instagram page.

Here you can also choose between different designs. Under the "Settings" link, you have four alternatives to choose from or you can create your own design, which can match the colours of your website.


Once you have finished creating your and want to publish it on your Instagram page, all you have to do is simply copy the URL and position it on your Instagram page.

Once you've set everything up, your subscribers can access your time and again with just one click and see all your links at a glance. You can change the links at any time, take them offline or add new ones.

And just like that you have added your to your Instagram biography and it is visible to all.

If a subscriber now goes to your link, the window with all the important links will open immediately.

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