A contract pause allows you to pause and postpone the contract and automatic payments for a chosen contract period. This can be used for customers who are on holiday, have suffered an injury or are unable to attend classes for other reasons.

If you pause a contract, you can suspend the booking privileges for the customer during the paused period.

Add a pause

To add a pause, you must first open the corresponding customer page. You can either search for the customer via the "Customers" on the menu or use the general search bar at the top right to search for the customer name.

Click on the contract you want to pause. The transaction overview will open, and you will find the button "Pause" on the right side.

After clicking on the "Pause" button, a pop-up window will open. Here you will find a list of all periods for which a pause can be selected. A pause can be entered for the current and for future periods. No pause can be added for a period that has already expired. It is also possible to select several periods.

Optionally, a fee for the pause can also be determined. The registered fee is calculated for each selected break. This means that if you select two pause periods and set the fee at 20€, the customer owes your studio a total of 40€. The pause fee is due at the beginning of the pause.

Click on the green "Next" button to display an overview of the selected pauses. You can also decide here whether all bookings within the paused period(s) should be cancelled. The option is set to "Yes" by default.

If a paused period has already been invoiced, you will also receive a note here. If necessary, you will need to create a corrective invoice here.

How the pause is displayed in the user’s profile

After a pause has been created, it is displayed in the transaction overview. For better management, the pause is also displayed above the transaction.

Postponing a transaction

The period during which the contract is paused does not apply for the duration of the contract. The pause creates a time lag in the transaction overview.

Removing a pause

Of course, you have the possibility to undo the pause again. Click on "Delete" next to the listed pause in the transaction overview.

The postponed transaction is then also reversed again.


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