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How can I limit contracts or credit passes?
How can I limit contracts or credit passes?

Limit contracts and credit passes to a certain number of sessions per week or per month.

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Once you have created your contract, you can add usage limitations to it.

For example, participation is only possible twice a week.

  1. Go to Settings > Booking Rules in the menu on the left.

  2. Open the Product Rules.

  3. Search for the relevant product.

  4. Check whether the booking group is correct.

  5. Select the type of limit (e.g. weekly).

  6. Select the number of sessions possible (e.g. 2).

  7. The usage limitation is saved automatically.

Example: A contract with the restriction Weekly = 2 would allow a maximum of 2 participations per week.

If the customer cancels a course within the cancellation period, this visit will be credited back to them. If they cancel outside the period, they will lose one of their visits.

You can find out exactly what booking groups are in our article about booking rules.

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