Want to integrate different views of the course plan into your website? Perhaps so you have a filtered view for each of your locations? Then this is the guide for you. 

You have the option to use all available filters as a direct "filtered" view of your course plan.

We currently offer the following filters for your course plan: 

  • Event Type (Classes, Courses, Workshops, Appointments, Preventions, Retreats)
  • Location
  • Trainer
  • Event page

Customising your course plan 

  1. In your software, click on Settings > Shop&Widgets NEW > Share your calendar. Copy the first link that is visible here and open it in a new tab.  
  2. On the right-hand side, you will now see all available filters. Select the filter you want to use to create a "filtered" view of the calendar. 
  3. You also have the option to select the event page, so long as this has been activated in your settings
  4. Copy the URL that is shown in the address bar 
  5. Now replace only the part of the widget code given below in bold with the URL you just copied (please note that "&fito-embedded=true" should remain part of the URL)
  6. The complete, customised widget code can now be integrated into your website. 

<iframe frameborder="0" id="embeddedFrame" name="embeddedFrame" scrolling="yes" src="https://widget.fitogram.pro/dein-studio&fito-embedded=true" width="100%" height="800px"></iframe>

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