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Integrate your course plan into Facebook (mobile) / Call-to-Action button
Integrate your course plan into Facebook (mobile) / Call-to-Action button
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Want to also integrate your course plan into the mobile version of your Facebook page? Then you have the option to create a call-to-action button on your page. 

Call-To-Action button

To get your customers to book directly with you, you can add a "Call-to-Action" button to your Facebook Business page.
The Call-to-Action button allows your customers to access your course calendar directly and also book courses and buy products from you directly.

How can I do that?
Simply go through the following steps and you will have a booking button on your Facebook page in no time.

  1. Log in to your studio’s Facebook page and hover your mouse over the Action button so that a dropdown menu appears. Here you click on the option "Edit button".

2. Select "Make an appointment" and "Book Now".

3. Now you can select that you want to add a link to a website.
Here you can either insert the direct link to the shop or a link to your website, where customers can book directly.
In this article we explain how find your Online Booking Calendar (widget) link. For the type of integration you have to choose "Add a link to the online calendar".

On Facebook, you can enter this directly by clicking on "Link to Website".

4. By clicking on "Save changes" and "Create", you have set up your Call to Action button.
If you hover over the button with the mouse, you can look to see whether you have created everything correctly using the "Test button" field.


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