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Starter Kit | Create Trial Visit
Starter Kit | Create Trial Visit

Create a product for a trial visit that can only be used/purchased once per person

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Trial visits are the ideal product for the acquisition of new customers. Prospective customers are given the opportunity to get to know your studio and complete a trial lesson.

To create a trial visit in FitogramPro, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Products in the menu on the left-hand side.

  2. Click on the "New Product" button in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. Enter a name (e.g. "Trial Lesson", "Trial Visit").

  4. Select “Trial Visit" in the dropdown menu.

  5. If the trial visit is to be limited to one unit, enter “1” for "Number of Units”.

  6. Enter the Price and Validity. More information on this below.

  7. If the product can be booked online, select “Yes” in the "Available in online shop” dropdown menu.

  8. Under Options, click on "Display".

  9. If the trial visit can only be booked once per customer, select “Yes” under "Can this product only be purchased once per customer?"

  10. Select a booking group in the booking rules.

  11. Click on "Accept".

Detailed Description of the the single options

Number of Units 

How many units can be booked with the trial visit product?


Specify the gross price for your trial lesson and select the VAT rate that applies to you.


Here you determine for how long the trial visit should be valid after the purchase. You can limit the validity of the product to a week, a month, a year or you can set no limit at all.

Available in online shop

Determine whether your customer can book the product online.

What should be included in the description for the online shop? 

If the product is available online, you have the option to add a description which your customers will see when making a purchase. For example, you can enter information about validity or the number of units. If you have international customers, it makes sense to select the flag for English or French and translate the description accordingly.

Which payment methods can be used to buy this product online?

If standard payment methods are selected, the product can be paid for with the payment methods defined under Settings > Accounting > Payment Methods. The individual payment methods can be customised for the respective products. The "payment only possible on-site" option is perhaps best for free products, as the customer does not have to select a payment method.

Can this product only be purchased once per customer? 

Specify whether the product can only be purchased once. In the case of a trial visit, you should select "Yes" here.

Should all credits be booked on the basis of the first appointment? 

If your trial visit is valid for several appointments, you can specify here that all credits are booked on the basis of the first appointment. For a trial visit with 3 units, this means that the customer will be booked in for the next 3 dates of the appointment series. So, if the same course always takes place from Monday – Friday at 9.00 am and the customer books a trial visit for the Monday, they will automatically be booked in for Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

Booking Rules 

Select the booking groups which can be booked with the product here. For example, if the trial visit only applies to yoga classes or 60-minute classes, then select the appropriate booking group. You can find more information about the booking rules here.

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