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How can I define Individual Payment Methods for Products?
How can I define Individual Payment Methods for Products?

Include or exclude specific payment methods for a product

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Direct debit only for contracts and cash payment only for drop-ins. With the help of individual payment methods, you can define exactly which payment method is available for which product, in order to have even more control over the purchase process.

The prerequisite for using the individual payment methods is having already set up standard payment methods. You can set these under Settings > Accounting > Payment Methods.

If payment methods are already activated, they are displayed in colour. If they are deactivated, then the symbols are grey.
Activate all payment methods that should be available online under Online payment methods for the booking tool.

Define Individual Payment Methods for Products

  1. Click on Products in the menu on the left.

  2. Click on the three dots > Edit details next to the corresponding product.

  3. Open the Payment settings in the edit window.

  4. Select Individual payment methods from the drop-down menu.

  5. Now activate the desired payment methods for the product.

  6. Click on Confirm.

Standard Payment Methods:

If this is selected, this product can be purchased with all "Shop & Widget Payment Methods".

Individual Payment Methods:

If the individual payment methods are selected, the payment methods for this product can be freely adjusted within "Shop & Widget Payment Methods". The coloured payment methods are active. The grey ones are inactive.

Payment only possible in person:

This is the standard setting. If neither the standard payment methods nor the individual payment methods are selected, the customer is taken to the check-out without selecting a payment method. The customer can then pay on site (cash or EC).

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