Have you decided on a marketplace entry and want to set everything up as quickly as possible? You can either go directly through the software with our little guide or go through the step-by-step instructions.



Step 1: Information on your Studio and your Offer

Potential new customers of course want to know who they’re dealing with when they’re looking for a studio near them. That’s why you should first provide general information about your studio.  You can do this under Settings > General.

Here you can store your basic settings and opening hours. You can also click on the activities and features that apply to your studio so that end customers can access your studio according to their preferences.

Step 2: Boost your Google Ranking with Meaningful Descriptions

A personal description of your studio, the products you offer and you as a trainer is not only appealing to potential new customers, but also helps you to improve your Google ranking!  You can add descriptions under Settings > Text Management.

The following points must be observed:  

Make your description as personal as possible and don’t copy text from your website - Google punishes this immediately and your content will be recognised as a copy and therefore will not be classified as credible ;)  

Be a little more creative with your texts and go into the particularities of your studio.  

It could look like this on the marketplace:

Step 3: Stand out from the Competition with Expressive Images

You’re probably aware of this yourself – if you have the choice between several providers, it’s much harder to make a decision. The situation is different if a provider stands out rather strongly - perhaps with a great cover image, for example.  

You can add photos under Settings > Image Management.  

Tip: Show your new customers who they’re dealing with and guide them through your studio in advance with an image gallery!

Step 4: Give New Customers the opportunity to buy your products online in advance 

Not only can you use our marketplace to present yourself to potential new customers, but you can also give them the chance to purchase a product directly during their research. 

> Offer a free trial training session

In principle, people do not immediately commit themselves to a provider but instead complete a trial training session first. Therefore, it makes sense for you to offer this directly on your marketplace entry.

For this, you must create the “Trial Training” product in FitogramPro. You can do this under Products > New Product. When you click on the button, a new window opens in which you can alter the product details.

In the case of free trial training, you select the following parameters:

It’s particularly important that you don’t allow online payment, so that the customer is not confused when they purchase the free trial training session. The “Can this product only be purchased once per customer” option also ensures that this offer is not exploited and, for example, is used too often.  

If you would like to add more (paid) products, you can read what to consider here. 

Step 5: Always stay up to date about new product purchases

Your marketplace entry now helps you to sell your trial training sessions and attract new customers. So that you always have an overview of who has come to you via our marketplace, we advise you to turn on email notifications about new product purchases.  

You can do this under Settings > Account > Admin. Here you are already listed as an Admin. If you now click on the “Details/Edit” button on the right, a new window will open in which you can activate notifications. Simply check the “Receive a copy of all shopping cart checkout emails” box.

Now you can be sure that you’re always informed about new purchases!

Congratulations – you now understand the basics of your marketplace entry! If you want to find out which additional features can be used to further optimise your online presence, then take a look at this article.

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