In FitogramPro you can always get an overview of the events for which your customer's product was used. You can check this in the respective customer’s profile. You can either search for the customer via "Customers" in the menu or use the general search bar at the top right to search for the customer’s name.

In the customer’s profile you now have two possibilities to see which event was booked with which product.

Option 1: Bookings in the customer's overview page

On the one hand, you can already see at a glance in the overview of the customer’s profile which bookings were made with which product. You can see this in the profile under "Upcoming", "Past" and "Cancelled" bookings. The product used is displayed next to each event.

Option 2: Bookings in the product details

On the other hand, you can also see this in the respective product’s details. This is especially useful if a customer has several products and you want to see at a glance which events have been booked with a 10-credit pass, for example.

To do this, click on the respective product in the customer’s profile. The transaction overview will open, in which you will find the button "Product details" on the right-hand side.

A new pop-up window will open in which you can see all the events that have already been booked with this product under the "Bookings" section.
In the product details you can also adjust the settings of the product manually.

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