The new combination of FitogramPro and Urban Sports Club makes it possible! All updates which you enter in FitogramPro (course descriptions, time changes etc.) will also appear immediately and automatically in the Urban Sports Club app and on the website.

Urban Sports Club members register directly via the Urban Sports Club app/website and will immediately be forwarded to FitogramPro. This way, you can always see the bookings directly in FitogramPro.

An overview of the advantages of this link:

  • Automatic synchronisation of your FitogramPro events with the Urban Sports Club app/website

  • Automatic synchronisation of the bookings and check-ins of Urban Sports Club members between the Urban Sports Club app/website and FitogramPro

  • Reduced administrative work for Urban Sports Club members since separate registration via email or telephone is no longer necessary

  1. In the menu bar click on Integrations.

  2. Click on Add integration.

  3. Select all events you want to activate for the Urban Sports Club and click Continue. **

  4. Optional: Select which newly created event types should be added automatically.

  5. Activate the connection by clicking on Confirm & Connect.

** All events of the "class" type will be added automatically. These cannot be deactivated independently. If there are special agreements with Urban Sports Club, please contact your Urban Sports Club Partner Manager.

Verification of locations by Urban Sports Club

In order for your classes and courses to be visible, the location must be verified by Urban Sports Club. You can see if the location has already been verified under Settings > Resource Management > Locations

Yellow arrows: The location is in the process of being verified.
Green tick: The location is verified.

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