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How can I activate the Integration with Urban Sports Club?
How can I activate the Integration with Urban Sports Club?

More autonomy and time saved when managing courses for your Urban Sports Club members. How does that sound?

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The combination of FitogramPro and Urban Sports Club makes it possible! All updates which you enter in FitogramPro (course descriptions, time changes etc.) will also appear immediately and automatically in the Urban Sports Club app and on the website.

Urban Sports Club members register directly via the Urban Sports Club app/website and will immediately be forwarded to FitogramPro. This way, you can always see the bookings directly in FitogramPro.

An overview of the advantages of this link:

  • Automatic synchronisation of your FitogramPro events with the Urban Sports Club app/website

  • Automatic synchronisation of the bookings and check-ins of Urban Sports Club members between the Urban Sports Club app/website and FitogramPro

  • Reduced administrative work for Urban Sports Club members since separate registration via email or telephone is no longer necessary.

How do I activate the Urban Sports Club integration?

  1. In the menu bar click on "Integrations".

  2. Click on "Add integration" next to Urban Sports Club.

  3. Select all events you want to activate under "Events to sync" for Urban Sports Club.

  4. Activate the connection by clicking on "Confirm & Connect".

  5. Next step is to map your Fitogram location with your Urban Sports Club location.

How to map my location

In order for the classes to actually be sent to Urban Sports Club it is required to connect your Fitogram location with your Urban Sports Club location.

Please follow the steps below to do so:

  1. In the integrations menu, select “location mapping”.

  2. You will now see your location(s) listed with a red symbol next to the Urban Sports Club Symbol (or no symbol at all). This means, your location is not yet connected.

  3. Now, click on “manage locations” and you will be forwarded to the Partner Tool.

  4. Login to your Partner Tool. You will then see on the left hand side your Fitogram location(s) and on the right hand side your Urban Sports Club location(s).

  5. To set up the connection, select your location from the drop down on the side of the Urban Sports Club location(s) and then click “activate”.

Important: Make sure that you choose the Fitogram location to connect which is also used for your classes in your Fitogram account. You can only connect one location from Fitogram with one location from Urban Sports Club.

And that’s it! Now your classes can be synchronised with the Urban Sports Club system and be listed for your participants to book!

What to do if I would like to request a further location?

You can create as many locations as you like in FitogramPro, but they are not automatically in the Urban Sports Club system. Meaning, you will have to request a new location at Urban Sports Club first, before going through the mapping process above. To do so, fill out this form and the support team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Check the Urban Sports Club Integration status

After completing all steps you should check if everything is working properly and see if your locations in FitogramPro are connected correctly. For that, click on "Integrations" > "Manage settings" next to Urban Sports Club > "Location mapping" in FitogramPro. If the integration is running correctly, you will see a green checkmark and the Urban Sports Club logo next to your location(s). In case not everything is set up correctly, you will see a red exclamation mark next to your location(s). Please try and repeat the steps as explained above.

In your classes you will also see the Urban Sports Club logo with a green check mark as a sign, that your class has been synchronised successfully!

You will find further helping support guidance here.

If you have further questions or issues, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team via the blue chat button in the bottom left corner or via email to [email protected] !

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