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How can I cancel an event series?
How can I cancel an event series?

Delete future units of a series which have no bookings.

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From time to time, it may be that an event series has to be cancelled completely. So that you don't have to cancel each unit individually, FitogramPro gives you the opportunity to cancel an entire series. 

To cancel a series, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Events" in the navigation menu.

  2. Click on the event whose series you wish to cancel.

  3. Click on "Event Group Option" next the name of your event

  4. Select "See/edit details".

  5. A new window opens up. Go the the "Event Schedule" section.

  6. Click on "Cancel series".

  7. Click "Confirm" and then "Confirm changes" to save your changes.

All future events in the series which still have no bookings will now be deleted. Alternatively, you can set a specific end date. If there are still bookings for future events in this series, these will be automatically cancelled and the customer will be notified.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you select the correct series when you click on "Cancel series". A cancelled series cannot be retrieved later.

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