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How can I cancel or delete a single event?
How can I cancel or delete a single event?

Cancel/ Delete an event

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Occasionally, an event session has to be cancelled or even deleted. This is completely normal and can be easily implemented in FitogramPro.

Cancel an event

  1. Firstly, select the event you would like to cancel. You can either go to Home > Coming Next or Events > Calendar view. Now click on the single event you would like to cancel.

  2. Go to Event Options right above the Check In area and select "Cancel event".

  3. A new window opens up. Here you can write a message informing your customer about the reason why you need to cancel the class.

    Please note: The individual message for your participants will not be sent to Urban Sports Club members. They will receive an automatic notification from Urban Sports Club.

  4. Click on Cancel event to confirm the cancellation.

The cancelled event is now shown as "cancelled" in FitogramPro. Booking is no longer possible. All clients already booked in now appear under cancellations.

Delete an event

If you would like to remove the cancelled event from your schedule, follow the same steps as described above. Afterwards go to Event Options > Delete event.

A new window will open up asking you to confirm your willingness to erase the event completely, along with its cancelled bookings.

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