Made a typing error when creating an event? Want to change the time or place later on? Don’t worry! This is possible at any time.

Edit event group

Events which have already been created can be changed at any time. To do this, proceed as follows: 

  1.  Go to Events in the navigation menu.

  2. Click on the event you want to edit.

  3. Click on Event Group Options.

An editing window will open which you are already familiar with from the creation of the event. Here you can adjust almost everything afterwards.

IMPORTANT: The frequency under “Schedule” cannot be adjusted later on. Here you might have to cancel the series and create a new one. You can find out how to cancel a series here.

Edit a single event

If you need to change some information for a single date

  1. Click on the event you need to amend directly on the dashboard

  2. On the right side of the page, you will be able to see the details of the event

  3. Click on the Options button

  4. Select Edit event

  5. Edit what you need to amend

  6. Click Confirm to save the changes

If you need just to change the name of the trainer you can directly choose Replace trainer from the Options button.

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