Every event is different. The maximum number of participants and cancellation options/periods can vary depending on the location or trainer. These "booking details" can be set up directly when creating an event.

In order to set up or edit the booking details, please open an eventgroup and click on eventgroup options. Here you can find the booking details with the possibility to change waiting lists, booking and cancellations periods.

The booking details can be used to determine how many participants can take part in an event, when a booking can be made, and what the cancellation conditions are like. The waiting list can also be activated and deactivated here.

Set booking details

The booking details can be displayed and edited when a new event is created or an existing one is edited. Simply click on the "Booking details".

Further adjustable options which can be edited at any time will then open up:

Waiting list:

If the course is already fully booked, then booking is no longer possible. However, customers can add themselves to the waiting list in order to move up if a customer who has already booked cancels at short notice. If the waiting list is to be activated, "Yes" must be selected here.

Enable booking period?: 

If customers should have the option to book an event at any time, "No" must be selected here.

If the booking is limited in time, you can specify how many hours before the event the booking period begins (bookings possible) and ends (bookings no longer possible).

Enable online cancellation?: 

If you want customers to have the possibility to cancel online themselves, "Yes" must be selected here. You can then specify until when it is possible to cancel and until when a refund is possible.

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