How can I create a class?

Do you offer an event that takes place regularly? Here we'll show you how you can create this event as a class in FitogramPro

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A class is an event that takes place regularly without a specific start and end date. Participation is possible at any time.

1. Click on the + button on the upper right corner of your dashboard (directly next to the search bar)

2. Select New event

3. A new window opens up. Enter the necessary details, such as the name of the event, whether it is public or private, as well as the colour, the trainer and a description.

Please note: the "Class" type is already preselected by default!

4. Open the Event Schedule tab: Here you can choose when the class takes place by clicking on "Add another series or event".  In this section it is possible to enter the frequency of classes, a start and end date and the time at which the event takes place.

Tip: If you want the class to take place on another day of the week, you don't need to set up a new event but you can create another series in the same schedule.

5. Define the booking details e.g.:

  • The maximum number of participants

  • Choose if you want to set up a waiting list when the class is fully booked

  • Choose if you want a refund window (the interval in which customers can cancel their bookings and be refunded/no longer be refunded)

6. Define the booking rules

Assign the event to the correct booking group so that the correct product can be linked afterwards.

7. Click Confirm to save your event. 

The class you have created will now be shown under the "Events" menu item in the course plan. 


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