Create customer tags

To create customer tags, you must first open any customer profile. You can either search for the customer via "Customers" in the menu or use the general search bar in the top right to search for a customer’s name.

Now click on the button "Details/edit" in the customer’s profile.

A new pop-up window will open with all customer details. Now click on "Edit/add a tag" next to the field "Tags". Now you can edit existing tags or create a new one.

Now click on the option "Create new tag" to create your personal tag. You now have the possibility to give your tag an individual name and assign it a certain colour. Then click on "Create tag" to save the changes.

Tip: Only use each colour once. It is recommended to use the colour once for clarity, since the tag colour is also displayed to the customer in the check-in area of your events.

Assign customer tags

After you have created a new tag, the second step is to assign it to your customers.

You do this again in the respective customer’s profile by clicking on the newly created tag. As soon as a small tick appears, the tag has been assigned. Then click on "Confirm" to save the changes.

Now the customer tag will also appear in the customer overview.


If you now book-in your customer in the check-in area of your event, you will also see the colour of the assigned tag here.

Now you can create your own individual tags and mark your customers so that you know at a glance which customers have back pain or are currently pregnant, for example.

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