Credit passes as well as products of the "Single Lesson" type can be sold as vouchers to generate new customers and to give amateur sportsmen a little pleasure.

Offering a Product as a Voucher

In order to offer a product as a voucher, this must be configured within the product. To do this, go to the menu item Products and select the corresponding product (e.g. a 10-credit pass) to edit it.

Under Options, there is now the option "Can be sold as a voucher?". Select "Yes" here. Then click on "Apply".

Sell as a Voucher

In order to sell the product, go to the menu item Checkout.

Select the "Voucher" filter to display all vouchers. Click on the "As Voucher" button to sell the product as a voucher.

No customer has to be selected for a voucher. Click on the green "To Checkout" button and select the appropriate payment method.

A voucher code will be created automatically. This code can be noted and/or sent by email. You can freely determine to which email address the voucher is sent.

Redeeming a Voucher at Check-In

In order to redeem the voucher code in the check-in area, the customer must first be added. Click on "Add Product" and select "Redeem Voucher".

A field appears in which the code can be entered. If the code is correct and has not yet been redeemed, it will be accepted. The code is converted into a paid product by clicking on "Apply".


Vouchers cannot be redeemed or purchased online at the moment. Only vouchers for the "Credit Pass" and "Single Lesson" product types can be created. Vouchers for contracts or workshops cannot yet be created. Even more functions will be added to the voucher feature over the next few weeks. Something for you to look forward to :-)

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