Create a voucher

  1. Click on Products in the menu bar.

  2. Edit an existing product or create a new product.

  3. Under Options select "Yes" for "Can be sold as a voucher?".

  4. Click on Confirm.

Sell a voucher

  1. Click on POS in the menu bar.

  2. Select the filter Vouchers to display all vouchers.

  3. Click on the button Voucher next to the desired product to sell it as a voucher.

  4. For a voucher a customer can but doesn't have to be selected.

  5. Click on the button Payment.

  6. Select a payment method.

  7. Confirm by clicking on Payment again.

  8. A voucher code is automatically generated. This code can be written down and/or sent by e-mail. You can freely determine to which email address the voucher is sent.

Redeem voucher in customer profile

  1. Open the customer profile of the presentee.

  2. Click on Add voucher in the customer profile under the customer's name.

  3. A field appears in which the code can be entered.

  4. Insert the code and click on Apply code.

  5. If the code is correct and has not yet been redeemed, it will be accepted and converted into a paid product.


  • Only products with the product type Creditpass can be sold as a voucher.

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