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How can I customise Customer Invitations and Communications?
How can I customise Customer Invitations and Communications?

Easily customise booking confirmations, invitations and other communications.

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Want to make your emails as personal as possible? In FitogramPro you can easily customise email templates.

In general, you can customise all communications sent to customers by email. You can do this under Settings > Communications.

Example: Customise Customer Invitations

Go to Settings > Communications > Customer Invitation.

Click on the “Details/Edit” button. A new pop-up window will open where you can edit the text on the left and preview it on the right.

Let your creativity flow and make use of the respective placeholders, which you can see in the bottom left! The invitation to your online booking system will be filled in with the individual customer data, meaning your customer will feel they have received a personal email from you.

Find out how to send this invitation to your customers here.

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