There are two ways to connect to your online booking system.

Either new customers can register themselves or you can send your existing customers an invitation to your online booking system in the respective customers’ profile.

How to invite your participants to use the system

The only condition that has to be met is that the customer’s email address must already have been entered. You can enter this under "Details/Edit".

You can now send an invitation by clicking on the "Send online invitation" button in the respective customer’s profile.

If the customer deleted the email by mistake or did not receive it for any reason, you can send them another invitation to the online booking system. To do this, click on "Resend online invitation" in the same place.

As soon as the customer has completed the registration, you can see in the customer’s details that they are connected to the booking system. You even see on what day and at what time they registered.

I don’t see an “invitation button”

If you do not see an invitation button for a customer, this is because the person is already connected to the online booking system. However, this does not necessarily mean that the person is connected to your system. Because a registration for the FitogramPro online booking system is valid for all providers who use the course administration software FitogramPro.

So, there is nothing else you have to do. The customer can log in with their login credentials as usual.

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