Assign a barcode to customers

So that you can book customers in with the help of a barcode, you must first assign them an individual code. You do this in the respective customer’s profile. You can either search for the customer via "Customers" in the menu or use the general search bar in the top right to search for the customer’s name. Now click on the button "Details/edit" on the right.

A pop-up window will open with all customer details, in which you can find the field "Barcode".

To assign the selected barcode to the customer, first click on the "Code" field and then scan the barcode. The field will now automatically be filled in with the assigned number.

Booking in customers with the barcode scanner

To book a customer into FitogramPro with the help of a barcode scanner, you first have to go to the check-in page of the event.

The check-in page can be reached in many different ways, for example via the Home page or via "Events" in the menu. Simply click on the corresponding event to show the check-in page on the right.


On the check-in page you can either manually book in your customers or do so with the help of the individual barcode.

To scan in your customers, click on "with barcode" next to "Check-In now". Now you can book in the customer directly with the help of the barcode scanner.

If the technology does not work or the barcode card is damaged, you can always enter the code manually here by entering it in the "Barcode" field. You can also find the code directly on the barcode card.

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