It's super easy to edit a customer's bookings at a later time. We understand that it can be annoying when you've forgotten to mark the customer as present for a number of weeks or the customer wants to cancel all their upcoming events. So we've come up with a solution: mass editing!  

You have the option to edit several appointments at once on the respective customer's page. The mass editing function includes cancellation, deletion, and attendance marking.

  1. Click on "Next", "Past" or "Cancelled" in the lower part of the customer profile to display the corresponding events. 
  2. Click on the pen symbol on the right.
  3. Click the boxes of the events you wish to edit on the left 
  4. In the top bar on the right, select the action to be performed for all units

Thumbs up: The customer will be marked as present for the selected events.

Thumbs down: The customer will be marked as absent for the selected events.

Cancelled: The customer will be marked as cancelled for the selected events. Here you can then choose whether the credit will be refunded (orange) or not (red).


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