Motivated participants with a credit pass sometimes like to bring friends with them to get them excited about the sport as well. So, some of them want to share their credit pass with their friends.  

To book several people on the same credit pass or on the same contract, proceed as follows: 

Step 1: Book in the owner of the product

It is important that the owner of the product is registered first.

Select the corresponding event to enter the check-in page. Click on "Search for a customer to check-in" and search for the customer. Typing the name will help you in your search. As soon as they have been selected for check-in, they will appear in the list of participants with their product and any remaining credits.


Step 2: Book in the same customer again

Since the customer's product is to be used several times, you must select them again. As soon as the customer has been clicked a second time, a pop-up window appears which explains that this customer has already been successfully logged in.

Step 3: Select the customer who should use the same product

You can now select a customer who should also use this product. The owner thus shares his product.

Either an existing customer can be selected, or a new customer can be created as well as selected via "New customer".

After a click on "Confirm", the product of the first customer is now used multiple times. This is also visible in the check-in page.

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