If you have activated the waiting list in the booking details, a customer will end up on the waiting list for a full event. The customer will be notified automatically. With the help of the waiting list, the course can even be overbooked if desired.

View a waiting list

To see which customers are on the waiting list, go to the check-in page of the respective event. You can access this by clicking on the corresponding event under "Events" in the menu.

Here you can see how many customers have booked ("…booked"), how many are on the waiting list ("… waiting") and how many have cancelled ("…cancelled").

By clicking on "…waiting" you can see all the participants on the waiting list.

Overbook an event / book in customers from the waiting list

If one of the participants who has already booked cancels, a customer from the waiting list will automatically move up. The customer who was first on the waiting list will also move up first.

However, if the course is to be overbooked, as a gesture of goodwill or similar you can simply click on the green "Book" button on the waiting list. The corresponding customer is then booked in directly.

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