Sometimes things just go too quickly. So it's good to be able to link a customer's booking directly to the sale of a product.

With FitogramPro, your customers can book events and purchase products quite easily. If they sometimes forget to do this, you can do it for them in the check-in area.

Add a product in the check-in area

To sell a product on the check-in area, first book/check this customer into the corresponding event. You can find out how this works here.

If the customer has no valid product for this event, the "Add product" button will appear.

Proceed as follows here:

  1. Click on "Add product"
  2. A dropdown menu will open
  3. Click on "Select product
  4. Select the start date (more info below)
  5. Select the type of payment (more info below)
  6. Click on "Apply"

Select start date

On the date of the event: The validity of the product should start from the date of the event.

Select another purchase date: The start date of the product should be a certain date in the past.

Select payment method

All payment methods selected under Settings > Accounting > Payment methods appear here.

ATTENTION: If "Cash" is selected, the product is immediately marked as paid. If you want to pay in cash at a later date without marking the product as paid, you can select "Pay Later".

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