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Starter Kit | Accounting
Starter Kit | Accounting
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The payment methods currently offered can be found in the software under Settings > Accounting > Payment methods. The payment methods available here are divided into 3 categories. What the categories mean is explained in detail below:

Manual payment methods:
These payment methods are your default setting and can only be seen and used by you. When a customer comes on site to your studio, you can choose between the activated (the ones in colour) payment methods.
Automated payment methods:
As a fully automated payment method you can activate credit card and direct debit here. The money goes directly to your account and in FitogramPro the payment is marked as "Paid".

Default shop & widget widget payment: Now you can set what your customers can choose online. For example, if you don't want your customers to be able to choose "pay later" online, you can simply deactivate it and only allow it when you set it for your customers.

You also have the option to disable payment methods for individual products. You can read how this works here

You can find more information about the direct debit procedure here.

You can find further information about accounting here

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