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It's great that you have registered on FitogramPro. In order to lay the foundations for your future on FitogramPro, you first have to adjust the settings. This is where you lay the foundation for your future work with FitogramPro.

Add your trainers and locations

1. Select Settings > Resource management
2. Here you will find the tabs "Trainer" and "Location"
3. Create and edit your trainer and studio locations here

Adapt your course plan

1. Select Settings > Online course calendar

Individualize your online course calendar in the following areas 

  • "Design your calendars" 

  • "Sell products" 

Integrate your online course calendar on your website using the

  • "Share your calendar"  

How to integrate your course calendar with the different website providers can be read in the following articles:


Add more admins

1. Select Settings > Your FitogramPro account
2. Here you will find the tab "Admin"
3. Either create new Admins or edit your existing

In the free version, you can create up to four admins.

The settings of the different access rights of your admins you can see here again more exactly.

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