Do you want to customise the colours of FitogramPro to suit your studio and make it look more like your own individual administrative software? Then we'll show you how to do it here.

You now have the possibility to customise the design of your FitogramPro software so that it fits perfectly with your logo and your corporate identity.

Go to Settings > General > Theme in the main menu on the right. Here you can change the main, secondary and button colour.

If the colour is changed, it also changes for all admins who have access to the software and also for the mobile version of FitogramPro.

When pressing on the respective coloured line, a colour palette with the 15 standard colours will appear. If the desired HEX colour code is known, it can be entered here. Alternatively, the cursor can be moved within the colour spectrum to create a custom colour.

Note: To keep your individual colour even after reloading the page, don't forget to save the process with the "Confirm" button in the upper right corner.

The button "Restore original colours" restores the original FitogramPro colours.

Main colour

  • Header
  • Lines
  • Tab Accents

Secondary colour

  • Active link in main menu

Button colour

  • All green confirmation buttons



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