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How can I define admin permissions?
How can I define admin permissions?

Restrict access/viewing for trainers

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Don't want all your admins to be able to make changes in FitogramPro or to look into your accounting? Here we'll show you how to set different access rights and choose which functions are available for the different admin-accesses.

You can give various people access to your FitogramPro Account by adding them as an admin. Find out how to do this here.

Specify access authorisation

To set the access authorisation for your admins, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Settings > Your FitogramPro Account > Admins. 

  2. Select an admin and click on "Details/Edit" next to the relevant name.

  3. In the new pop-up window, click on the selected role to change it.

Now select the appropriate role and click on "Apply" to save the changes.

Overview of the different access rights

In order to help you decide which access rights fit the best for your colleagues, please find the following table. Herein, you can easily check how the roles differ and which menu items are visible to each access role.

The most important points for each access authorisation are summarised here for you:


A person with trainer access can see their own events on the start page. In the Check-In area of these events, a trainer can also independently book or cancel customers or check their attendance.

To have the trainer access directly connected to the trainer profile, you must use the same e-mail address (Please pay attention to upper and lower case) when creating the trainer that you used when creating the admin. You can find out how to add a new trainer here.

Now, if you go to Settings > Resource Management > Trainers and click on the "Details / Edit" button, you will see straight away that they are now also connected to the admin account.

Restricted access 

If you give a member of staff restricted access to FitogramPro, they can see all your events and also have the opportunity to create and manage new products, appointments or customers.

So they can work extensively with the software but have no access to your accounting menu and the reports-section. Sensitive settings, such as the deposit of payment data, cannot be manipulated by persons with restricted access.

Full access

If you do not run your studio alone and have a business partner, it makes sense to grant them full access. This admin-role provides them access all menu items and they can also adjust all the settings that are available in FitogramPro. Therefore, this access should only be granted with careful consideration.

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